If you want a bootcamp with a leader who has life long experience in fitness,martial arts and dance, THIS IS IT! Timmy T. has extensive knowledge of physiology and “safe” exercise, whether you are a fitness maniac or you have the desire and will to lose 100 pounds while building a healthy, strong body. I personally trained with a gentleman who has lost over 100 pounds. His transformation is a source of inspiration to all who meet him. You can do it too! Whether you want to look great for your next photo shoot or want to be able to wear your wedding tuxedo again, this is THE BOOTCAMP! Oh yeah, we have a blast every morning, too. Fun, friendly and tough. Can’t wait to meet you!


I’ve been doing it for almost a year now and it’s been the BEST workout experience by far. I’m always bragging to my friends about it, especially the ones that haven’t seen me in a while and they all say, “You look great! What are you doing?” I say, “Valley BootCamp, baby!” Tim is the best!

-Danita Jones

As a well seasoned, full-bodied woman, I appreciated Timmy T’s gentle kindness. His exhilaration for life is awe inspiring to keep going and doing more than I expected I could.

-Mary Catherine

I am so thankful for my new body! I get so many compliments. I love my “Timmy T legs” from all the running up an down those mountains! I have lostweight, inches and that 40 something body. Now even 21 year olds think I’m sexy and you can’t beat that at 45.


Valley Bootcamp is my reason to wake up in the morning. I love to exercise but I hate the gym. Timmy T and his exercise program has been a huge help in getting me heathly. I wouldn’t look or feel this great without the help of Timmy T and everyone at Valley Bootcamp.


Who needs coffee when there’s Timmy T at 6am!? He gets you pumped and ready to take on the day. It is worth waking up early for this bootcamp!


Timmy T’s Valley Bootcamp is an amazingly positive experience. I’ve been enjoying his energetic approach to fitness for a year now and I can’t speak highly enough about Timmy T and the supportive group of bootcampers who make his camp numero uno. You’ve got to experience it to fully understand the Timmy T difference.

-Shawn Harrison

Timmy T and Valley Bootcamp are absolutely amazing! I am not one that likes to be yelled at for motivation, so I wasn’t sure that a bootcamp would be right for me. After meeting with Timmy though, I understood that Valley Bootcamp moves at my pace, and Timmy guidance is always motivational, and he NEVER uses negative reinforcement. The way that he blends running, hiking, calisthenics,
and yoga/pilates is invigorating and produces incredible results. Thank you Timmy!


I found Tim from flyer and waited about 2 months to sign up. I love his low key high energy attitude. Going to exercise at Timmy T’s is not an effort like it used to be to go to the Y or club. At 60 yrs old I’ve never felt more in shape. Your only competition is you. No one ever looks down at you if your last up the hill and peer motivation is what keeps me coming back. No ego, just great exercise.

-Richie Dad

I have never met a trainer half as good as Tim Talman! Not only has he created this amazing Boot Camp program, but he is right there with you the whole time, encouraging and challenging you throughout. And not only that, this guy performs in the musical “Wicked” 8 times a week in his ‘spare” time, as well as the Waterworld Stunt show at Universal. He’s either crazy, or the most motivated person I know, or both. This is the REAL DEAL!! Check it out!!


I started this boot camp with Timmy T back in ’07. I had incredible results! I gained strength, confidence and am still going strong. At the time I had almost 20 lbs to shake off. It has been well over one year and I have kept the weight off and still continue to follow the things I learned while working with Valley BootCamp. I highly recommend Valley BootCamp for anyone and everyone! Thanks Timmy T.


Some boot camps just run you to death, but Valley BootCamp makes you feel like a winner. No matter your age. No matter your condition. It’s just the best!


I had not worked out in 30 years but needed to do something for my health. This is the best thing I ever did. I am getting in shape and loosing weight. Timmy T is a great motivator and keeps me going. He knows just how hard to push and keeps me working at a level appropriate for me.


I am a novice to working out and have about 50 pounds to loose. I tried Tim’s boot camp and loved it. By the end of the first week I already noticed a change in my body. On the days I workout I feel like I have so much extra energy. I can’t wait for the next session to start again!!

Im a former professional athlete who has tried 7 of the camps listed here. Far and away, VALLEY BOOT CAMP is my top pick. Tim Talman’s camp is superior. From the Core Aspects of the camp’s Training and it’s effectiveness, to the varying an exciting new physical challenges that each day has in store, EASILY makes it the top choice Boot Camp.

-Matt C.

I did Valley Boot Camp a few times and found Tim to be inspiring, tough in a good way. I really got into shape, lost a few pounds and have been motivated ever since. He’s very supportive, friendly and professional. He attracts a very nice group of people to his sessions. I highly recommend VALLEY BOOT CAMP.


As a 59 year old female, I discovered muscles I never knew I had and got in the best cardio shape of my life. I could NOT have done this without Tim’s positive encouragement. The best and most fun workout ever!


Timmy T is the best, his boot camp beats all the rest. We work to do what we are shown, to do it ALL is our goal! Any age, any body, just start-Valley BootCamp and you will feel better while having lots of fun!

-Jan Goldman

Valley BootCamp is amazing! I started taking bootcamp classes to get into shape for the Sheriff’s academy. When the academy started, I was stronger and faster than most of the men! I have never been in such great shape!!

-Jaime Davis

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